AceCloud doesn't work

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AceCloud doesn't work

Post by RLebeau » Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:12 pm

After upgrading to a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra), AceMoney Receipts stopped working for me, it crashes every time I try to enter a new receipt (Ticket #8JH-QN3-XVU7).

So I just uninstalled AMR from the phone, reinstalled, bu the problem still occurs.

Worse, thinking I needed to re-pair the phone with my PC, I went into AceMoney on my PC and revoked access, and then tried to grant access to get a pairing code, only to get a new error:

"Server Provisioning Error: Server responded with error 28."

There are several comments on AceMoney Receipt's page in Google Play to the effect that AceMoney Cloud has not been working for the past few weeks, with no response from MechCAD.
Not sure if there is any customer support because they never answer my inquiry. Have a problem uploading receipts and in trying to resolve myself after clearing app information I now can't pair with the desktop.
App is noy synching. The cloud setting grant access on desktop application shows setver error
Cloud not working, can no longer pair mobile devices. Support ticket created but NO responce.
Previously used this app with no problems but it no longer syncs with Ace Cloud, and AceMoney. Tech Support help line is not much use - just keeps referring to the PC based product.
Seems as of 8/1/21 app does not sync with pc. No info from tech support. I've used this program for 7 years with no trouble. Maybe time for a change.
So now I have a completely dead AMR.

Anyone else noticing this?

Submitted as Ticket #2EY-J3A-GSVZ.
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