Can I import my transaction from CSV files?

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Can I import my transaction from CSV files?

Post by goranv » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:23 am

Yes, you can. CSV is a simple plain text format where each line contains several fields separated with commas. AceMoney can import CSV files that were created by AceMoney, Microsoft Excel, OpenCalc or any other spreadsheet software.

Many banks provide CSV files for download from their web sites, however it might be challenging to import them as is, since each bank orders data in the CSV files differently. Such files should be updated in any spreadsheet application to match AceMoney expectations. Usually all you need to do is add empty or reorder the existing columns.

AceMoney expects the following columns in the CSV file:

A (1) - Transaction/check number
B (2) - Date
C (3) - Payee
D (4) - Category
E (5) - Status
F (6) - Withdrawal
G (7) - Deposit
H (8) - Total
I (9) - Comment

These fields are the same as in AceMoney account register and they are ordered the same way as on the screen.

There is another way to import CSV files to AceMoney. There is a freeware utility converting data from CSV or any other spreadsheet format to QIF format which is well supported by AceMoney. You can download the tool free of charge at this address:

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