My bank tells me that it does not support AceMoney

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My bank tells me that it does not support AceMoney

Post by goranv » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:20 am

If your bank supports Direct Connect via OFX protocol for downloading transactions directly to a software, and if listed in our Online Setup list, your bank is supported by AceMoney even if the bank tells you that they do not support AceMoney. Your bank has a special server that both Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken use (the software that the most banks officially supports), AceMoney connects to the same server and uses the same protocol to download transactions.

There is a chance that a bank will not provide you direct connect service unless you call them and ask to activate this feature. The error code that you get in such cases is usually 15500 or 2000. In this case please tell them to activate this service for MS Money or Quicken, since they are confused with AceMoney. Note that some banks charge a small monthly fee for this service, but the best banks provide direct connect service free of charge.

Direct connection is not the only way of downloading transactions from your bank. You can also login to the bank web site, download transactions in .qif or .ofx formats (aka files for Quicken or Money), and AceMoney will successfully import them.

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