Error code 2000 or 15500, what does it mean?

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Error code 2000 or 15500, what does it mean?

Post by goranv » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:18 am

Usually error codes 2000 and 15500 mean that your bank has not enabled direct connect service for you, or username/password that you've entered in the Online Setup dialog are invalid.

Most major banks require you to call them for direct connect activation. When you call the bank, ask them to enable Direct Connect for Quicken for Windows 2008 in case they have not heard of AceMoney: AceMoney relies on the same protocol as that version of Quicken. You have to be specific about the name of the protocol, since there is also a protocol called WebConnect, and it is not supported by AceMoney, you need Direct Connect.

Please not that some banks are really slow with activation of direct connect, it may take up to 24 hours until you can successfully connect to your account.

If you still cannot connect to your account even after signing up for access with the bank, make sure that you have selected the right online service provider in AceMoney. Pick the correct type (Bank, Credit card or Brokerage, even though the first two types usually are interchangeble) and the right server from the online service provider drop down list. Some banks have multiple servers for the clients located in the different states, Bank of America is one example. Please choose the server serving your state.

If downloads still fail, please contact our tech support service, describe the issue and attach AceMoney log file. Launch AceMoney, open the account that does not download transactions, click on the "Download transactions" button, check "Enable logging" and hit OK. Wait until download fails.

AceMoney log files are stored in the system temporary directory, also known as TEMP. Location of that directory is operating system specific, but all versions of Windows use TEMP environment variable to point to the location of that directory. Windows Vista and Windows 7 use C:\Users\[your account]\AppData\Local\Temp directory by default.

Please launch Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), type %TEMP% in the address bar and press Enter. Now find AceMoney-[current year]-[current month].log in the file list and attach it to the ticket. If today is May 18, 2014, then the name of the log file would be AceMoney-2014-05.log.

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