How to use portfolio and track investments?

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How to use portfolio and track investments?

Post by goranv » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:14 am

1. Create a new account representing your real account with a brokerage. Transfer cash from your checking account to this investment account, you will use that cash to pay for investments.

2. Try to find a web site providing quotes for your investment. At the moment AceMoney covers so many markets, that it is very difficult to find an investment with quotes that cannot be downloaded. Start with Google Finance, Bloomberg and Yahoo, they seem to cover 90% of all investments.

3. Define a new investment on the Portfolio page (Add investment button) and use the symbol/data source that you found in the previous step. If nothing was found, still enter some meaningful abbreviation as a symbol. Use Update button in the investment dialog to set price per share manually, or Download button to get it from the chosen data source automatically.

4. Enter a new investment transaction. Go to the investment account, click on Investment Transaction button and enter the required data. AceMoney supports different types of investment transactions, see built-in help for more information. Use "Buy shares" to record shares purchase, it will use cash on the account (that was transferred in step 1) to pay for the shares. Note that if there was no cash available, cash balance of the investment account will be negative.

5. Account page shows only cash balance, so when you buy investments, cash balance value goes down, when you sell them, it goes up. You don't see value of investments associated with that account on this page, but it is added to the cash balance when you look at a list of all accounts on the main page. Value of investments may not be displayed there if you uncheck "Add value of investments to account balance" in Tools->Options.

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