Computer breakdow how to get my old file informations

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Computer breakdow how to get my old file informations

Postby Silsantos » Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:17 pm

My computer breakdown i had to reinicited everything. When a try to re-install acemoney i got it but when i try to get my old file i receive this message:
This file was created on a computer with a high security level.
To share this file with another user, it needs to be re-saved on the original computer with"Permit access by multiple users" option enable in the set Password settings.
What can i do to get it? I can not go back and re-saved, all breakdown?????
Thanks bye
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Re: Computer breakdow how to get my old file informations

Postby RLebeau » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:37 pm

AceMoney's AMJ files are encrypted, and by default that encryption is tied to either your AceMoney license (if you are using a full licensed version) or to the specific computer name that the file was created on (if you are using AceMoney Lite, or do not have a license). You have to enable the "Permit access by multiple users" option (Tools > Options > Password) so the file can be used on multiple computers. This is mentioned in the AceMoney Wiki:

How to move AceMoney to new computer?

Since you no longer have access to the original computer, if you have an AceMoney license and have installed it on the new PC, you should be able to open the file. Otherwise, send the file to MechCAD Support so they can reset the security on it.
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